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Empires of History
Vietnam War: Compact Edition
Game System
Empires of History: Compact Series

Type:   Board Game
By:       Guild of Blades Publishing

Item Code   GUI8015
ISBN:           NA
Item Status: In-Print
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MSRP:  $4.95

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11x17 Game Map

Our Price : $4.95  
The Vietnam War is an affordable, easy to play 2 player game covering the US war in Vietnam. The Vietnam War boardgame lets players assume control of the North Vietnamese Army and the US led South Vietname faction. Both players must compete for military domination of Vietnam.

The North Vietnamese led a larger army, though vastly inferior to the well equiped US forces. The player must manipulate the political field to hurt the US war effort within the US government and populace, plus garner additional support from the South Vietnamese populace and gain military support from the Soviet Union and China. Dare to expand the war into Laso and/or Cambodia to gain a tactical advantage.

The US player must win support for the war back stateside, while preventing Soviet or Chinese intervention from broadening the war. The US player must crush the North Vietnamese forces ro reunify the nation under non Communist led South Vietnam.

1) 11" x 17" two piece mapboard
2) 4 pages game rules
3) 1D10
4) Assorted cut out playing units and chart markers.
5) Pull out Political Chart

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