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Grunt 3rd Edition:
Fantasy Miniatures Battles
First printed in 1996, in the years since Grunt has sold thousands and thousands of copies over four print versions (Original 1st edition, 2nd Edition, 2nd Edition: Deluxe and 2nd Edition: Deluxe 2 player Box Set). Now newly updated to Grunt 3rd Edition, this revised edition of Grunt has brought the game system back to its roots, a fast paced, easy to learn all purpose fantasy miniatures system thats extremely affordable.

Grunt is a unique miniatures system that focusses on army development, where you may recruit new units through the course of game play, plus have existing units gain experience points and levels. With expansion sets you can expand your army building options to include skills, abilities, expand your kingdom, customize your castles, add wizardry, monsters, magical items, develop heroes and immortals and more.

In this fashion, you strive to build up your army and kingdom over multiple battles (game sessions). You must weigh the costs to your army to achieve victory in your battle today against the gains victory can gain for your army for the long haul.

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