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Empires of History: Strategy Board Games
Empires of History Board Games are a line of territorial strategy games that depict a variety of periods in history. Each line presents historically accurate, detailed games on the period utilizing a simple and easy to play D10 territorial game system. With 7 distinct series from WWII, WWI, the Signature Series, the Obscure Wars, 1483 Medieval, Alternate History, and the altra affordable Compact Game Series, we have the games for you. - Click on an image to check out a game series.

More than 105,000 Empires of History boardgames sold!
World War II Series  (2 games)
   Empires of History: WWII Full Global Conflict
   Empires of History: WWII Extra Armies Expansion

World War I Series  (5 games)
   The War to End All Wars 3rd Edition
   The Great War in Africa 3rd Edition
   The Rise of the Red Army 3rd Edition
   The War to End All Wars 3rd Edition: WWI in America
   The War to End All Wars 3rd Edition: Extra Armies Expansion Set

1483 Medieval Series  (8 games)
   Europe 1483 2nd Edition
   Africa 1483 2nd Edition
   Europe 1483 Extra Armies Box 1
   Europe 1483 Extra Armies Box 2
   Europe 1483 Extra Armies Box 3

Compact Series  (11 games)
   Beyond Hadrians Wall 2nd Ed: Compact Edition
   Battle of Thermopylae 2nd: Compact Edition
   Fallen Blackhawk: Somalia: Compact Edition
   Jutland: Compact Edition

Obscure Wars Series  (5 games)
   Spanish Civil War Deluxe Edition
   Arab Israeli Wars 2nd Edition
   Battle for the Falklands 3rd Edition
   Romes Greast Foe: The 2nd Punic War 2nd Edition

Alternate History Series  (3 games)
   Kaiju: The Giant Monster Boardgame
   Kaiju Moon
   The Trojan War 2nd Edition

Signature Series Game  (1 games)
   The American Revolution

Battles Series  (2 games)
   Beyond Hadrians Wall Deluxe Edition
   Battle of Thermopylae Deluxe Edition

World War II Series

World War I Series

1483 Medieval Series

Compact Series

Obscure Wars Series

Alternate History Series

Signature Series Game

Battles Series

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