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Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game
The Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game is an easy to learn role-playing game where one player assumes the role of the Realm Master and guides a group of players, with their fictional characters, through an ongoing campaign of quests and adventures.

The game system is competely playable with just these game rules, a six sided die and an active participation from the Realm Master and players. Born out of the merger of two of the Guild of Blades’ earlier games (the W.H.A.T.? Customizable RPG and the Dark Realms RPG Universe), the Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game captures of the best of both, with its easy to learn and adapatable system and its epic and far reaching universe setting, allowing the game to be played in a multitude of settings and genres.

This core game book includes everything players will need to begin adventuring in fantasy game settings.

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