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Empires of History
Ramesses War: Compact Edition
Game System
Empires of History: Compact Series

Type:   Board Game
By:       Guild of Blades Publishing

Item Code   GUI8019
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MSRP:  $7.95

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Ramesses' War is a two player board game covering the ancient war between Egypt and the Hittite Empire. During the later stages of the Hittite Empire, circa 1400 BC to 1250 BC, the Hittite Empire had recovered from a period of weakness where it had been on constant warfare with the Arzawa and Mittani states. By 1290 BC the Hittites had managed to conquer Arzawa entirely and had captured the Mitanni capital, though elements of the Mittani people still resisted the further advances of the Hittites. Further, the Hittites had moved into the northern palestinian region and had come to dominate syria. This led to friction between the Hittites and the Egyptian, who themselves held large parts of Palestine andhad ruled there for more than two centuries. Historically the showdown between these two powers culminated in the battle at Kadesh, initiated by Ramesses who had rallied Egyptian military might in order to directly challenge further Hittite expansion.

Ramesses' War is an easy to play two player game that lets you revisit that ancient conflict. However, the map provided expands the conflict to also encompass the various regional powers. Troy, an ally of the Hittites, plus Lukka, the Mittani and Ahhiyawa (Most probably the Hittite name for the Mycenaean Greeks), as well as providing units for an Arzawan rebellion and troops for each palestinian city state.

The Ramesses' War Includes:
1)  2 piece, 17" x 22" color game map
2)  37 Full Color Hittite Counters
3)  9 Full Color Trojan Counters
4)  8 Full Color Arzawan Counters
5)  4 Full Color Lukka Counters
6)  11 Full Color Ahhiyawa Counters
7)  37 Full Color Egyptian Counters
8)  7 Full Color Mittani Counters
9)  23 Assorted Full Color Palestinian Counters
10)  Game Rules
11)  D10
12)  4 1/2" x 5 3/4" x 1.5" Game Box

Ramesses War is also available in PDF format for just $4.99 in our PDF store front. -- Click Here --.

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