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Empires of History
The War to End All Wars 3rd Edition
Game System
Empires of History: World War I Series

Type:   Board Game
By:       Guild of Blades Publishing

Item Code   GUI0020-3
ISBN:           1-58219-125-5
Item Status: In-Print
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MSRP:  $34.95

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Our Price : $34.95  
The War to End All Wars is a World War I territorial strategy game. A variant of the Axis & Allies board game system, and flagship game in the Empires of History game series, it offers an easy to play D10 based combat system and territories with resource values for production.

The War to End All Wars presents the First World War in a couple different ways. The first of these is a historical simulation that offers alliances, political structures, and entry times for the various nations designed to mirror the actual historical chain of events that transpired in real life. The second scenario is the semi historical scenario and makes allowances for player choices and deviant actions by many nations. This scenario can see Japan get more active in the war, the US and/or Italy possibly enter on the Central Powers side, the Ottomans stay neutral or even join the Allies, and much more. The game introducing unique rules such as "Manpower" for each nation and colony to represent the attrition factor of the war, technological upgrades and a board and flexible set of diplomatic rules and options. Including mutinies the outbreak of the Russian revolution and more.

While not a complex game that breaks down the individual national armies into named brigades or divisions, the level of historical detailing in The War to End All Wars is enough that multiple professors now utilize this game to help teach the WW1 era to middle, high school, and even college students. For 2-8 players.

The War to End All Wars 3rd Edition Comes with:

2) 1300+ Full Color Die-Cut Chipboard Game Counters
3) 400+ Full Color, Cut-Out Chipboard Game counters
4) 32 Page Rules and Scenario Booklet
5) 10 Nation Sheets + Tech Charts
6) Neutral Nation Set Up Sheet
7) Diplomacy Chart
8) Manpower Chart
9) Resource Chart
10) 1D10
Game Resources

About the Game
Complete Game Rules
What's new in 3rd Ed.?
Game Charts
Nation Sheets

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