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Grunt 3rd Edition Fantasy Miniature Battles
Grunt 3rd Edition: Monster Summoning
Game System
Grunt 3rd Edition Fantasy Miniature Battles:

Type:   Miniatures Games
By:       Guild of Blades Publishing

Item Code   GUI8002
ISBN:           1-58219-946-9
Item Status: In-Print
In Stock:   6

MSRP:  $7.95

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Grunt Monster Tokens

Our Price : $7.95  
The Grunt 3rd Edition Monster Summoning Sourcebook provides players everything needed to bring Monster Summoning into your Grunt Fantasy Miniatures game. This Sourcebook includes:

1) Rules for Monster Units
2) 24 Unique Monsters Descriptions with pictures
3) Cut-Out game tokens on card-stock for each Monster Unit
4) 10 Monster Unit Record Sheets

16 pages booklet plus cut out monster tokens and Monster Unit Record sheets.

Also a handy Sourcebook to add Monster Units to NPC Monster Armies for group play scenarios.

The Grunt Fantasy Battles 3rd Edition Monster Summoning Sourcebook is also avalable for $3.99 in our PDF store front. -- Click Here --.

Buy "Grunt 3rd Edition: Monster Summoning"  For Only  $7.95

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