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Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game
Dark Realms: Creatures Compendium I
Game System
Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game:

Type:   Role Playing
By:       Guild of Blades Publishing

Item Code   GUI4002
ISBN:           1-58219-998-1
Item Status: In-Print
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MSRP:  $8.95

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A creature is a being that is different than “normal” people. Most creatures have natural magical abilities (Quantum Energy Flux in their DNA) and it affects them in very weird and often wonderful ways. Learn some of the human Magical Mutations (Firelord, Icemaiden, Nymph, Gorgon, Satyr and Harpy) and what they can do that is both fantastic and crazy. There are some forms of Magical Mutations that are off-shoots of other races like the Trolls and Cyclops. Then there are other forms of pure creatures like the Globs, Gogoi, Sand Worms and Headcatchers; these are the problem creatures that give all creatures a bad name. Just because there are creatures in the fantasy world doesn’t mean that you can’t play them. Included are rules to make most creatures playable characters. The only exceptions to these are the animal-type creatures like the Griffin, Drake (smaller Dragon) and Hellhound but all these can be trained pets for the amount of gold.

Included are regular animals that anyone reading this book will know of, like: the Gorilla, Lion, Wooly Mammoth, Saber-Tooth Tiger, Dire Wolf, Emperor Bear and Tyrannosaurus Rex and they can be yours as trained pets for the right price.

Also included in this book are: Glob, Firelord, Icemaiden, Gorgon, Gogoi, Gromler, Headcatcher, Satyr, Cyclops, Dark Fairy, Nymph, Griffin, Minotaur, Unicorn, Hellhound, Yeti, Goorilla, Hydra, Drake, Sand Worm, Troll and Harpy.

The Dark Realms : Creature Compendium Includes:
1) Creatures you can role-play.
2) 15 New races (Creatures).
3) 11 New Pets (Creatures).

The Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game: Creature Compendium sourcebook is also avalable for $3.99 in our PDF store front. -- Click Here --.

Buy "Dark Realms: Creatures Compendium I"  For Only  $8.95

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