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Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game
Dark Realms: Character Backgrounds
Game System
Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game:

Type:   Role Playing
By:       Guild of Blades Publishing

Item Code   GUI4008
ISBN:           1-58219-993-0
Item Status: In-Print
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MSRP:  $8.95

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The Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game Character Backgrounds Sourcebook provides Realm Masters and players will a ready to use utility to help randomize backgrounds for player characters and non-player characters. The Character Backgrounds book provides a series of random tables that will help to define the environment a character grew up in, what sort of profession the character had previously (or that a non-player character might have now), their family, friends, wealth and more.

Realm Masters should encourage their players to use this book to help flush out the details of their character’s life prior to embarking on the path of becoming an adventurer. Not only will the book help to detail many apects of their life, but it will reward them for undertaking this step in character generation by giving them additional Skills above and beyond what a standard new character will be able to buy with their starting Experience Points.

Additionally Realm Masters can use this booklet as a ready to use non-player character generator. Grab a D6 and begin rolling and within moments the Realm Master will have a non-player character with a history, form of livelihood and range of Skills that they can draw upon.

The Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game: Character Backgrounds sourcebook is also avalable for $3.99 in our PDF store front. -- Click Here --.

The Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game: Character Backgrounds Book Includes:
1) Random Environment Chart.
2) Random Social Status Chart.
3) Social Satus Sub-Charts Detailing a Multitude of Jobs and Careers.
4) Random Wealth Chart.
5) Friends Chart.
6) Siblings Chart.
7) Parental Status Chart.
8) Formative Live Events Chart.

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