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Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game
Dark Realms: Taverns and Bar Brawls
Game System
Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game:

Type:   Role Playing
By:       Guild of Blades Publishing

Item Code   GUI4006
ISBN:           1-58219-995-7
Item Status: In-Print
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MSRP:  $8.95

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The Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game Taverns & Bar Brawls Sourcebook is the handy guide for Realm Masters to easily put the characters into any tavern, bar or inn setting. You know itís going to happen; it always happens; the party of adventurers have ventured into a new town and they head to the nearest bar or tavern and are looking for more adventure. If you as the Realm Master arenít ready, that adventure is likely to spin out of control in the ever-famous bar brawl.

Taverns and Bar Brawls gives Realm Masters a wealth of information they can use to quickly populate a tavern setting ready for the players to immerse themselves into. Further, Taverns and Bar Brawls provides a wealth of Realm Master ideas on how they can use the average tavern encounter as a launchpad for all sorts of new adventures for the characters or spring some nasty surprises on a group of players who act as if they should have the run of the place.

The Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game: Taverns and Bar Brawls sourcebook is also avalable for $3.99 in our PDF store front. -- Click Here --.

The Dark Realms Epic Adventure Game: Taverns & Bar Brawls Sourcebook Includes:
1) Information on Lodging, Food and Cost of Services at Different Types of Taverns and Bars
2) An Exploration of the Different Reasons Adventurers Visit Taverns & Associated Plot Ideas.
3) A Host of Nasty Surprises to Spring on Characters.
4) Descriptions of Common Tavern Types.
5) Three Different Generic Tavern Diagrams ranging from the Hole-in-The-Wall to Very Large Inns.
6) Diagrams for Two Differernt Sized Stables.
7) Random Tavern Generation Charts for Villages, Towns and Larger Cities.
8) Table for Costs and Operating Profits Should Play Characters Wish to Buy a Tavern.
9) The Taverns & Bar Brawls Random Event Chart.
10) Non-Player Bar Keeps.
11) Barmaids, Serving Girls and Wenches, Oh My!.

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