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Empires of History
Kaiju Moon
Game System
Empires of History: Alternate History Series

Type:   Board Game
By:       Guild of Blades Publishing

Item Code   GUII0132
Item Status: In-Print
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MSRP:  $9.95

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Our Price : $9.95  
Take a side in this war, be the U.N. and be the first line of defense against giant monsters (Kaiju). Or be the Moon Men and kick everyone off what is your moon. Or be the Evil Caucasians from the Future (E.C.F.F.) and use your mind control devices to take over everyone else's monsters. Or you can me the Destroyers, these massive Kaiju travel from planet to planet destroying all in there way and the earth is next after the moon. This game is fully compatable with Kaiju and is meant not only as a stand alone game but you can add this game with Kaiju to make one huge game with over 8 players. For two to four players.

Kaiju Moon includes:

1) 11" x 17" two piece mapboard of the moon
2) Game Rules
3) Over 120 full color die cut counters
4) 1 Moon City map
5) 1 U.N. Base map
6) 1 Earth to the Moon map
7) 1D10
8) Handy Dandy Box

Kaiju Moon. Game Map of the moon

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