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Adult Humor Games
Prison Bitch the Card Game: Cell Block A
Game System
Adult Humor Games: G-Spot Games

Type:   Card Games
By:       G-Spot Games

Item Code   GSX01-2
ISBN:           1-58219-150-6
Item Status: Between Printings
MSRP:  $9.99

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Prison Bitch: The Card Game is a humorous satire card game based on the struggle of existence within male prisons. For 2 or more players, each player assumes control of one a number of unique Character Decks and competes to become top dog within their prison cell. Recruit Bitches to collect money, and gather a gang of Thugs to attack other players and their bitches. Use event cards such as Parole, Trip to the Infirmary and Thugs on Dope to effect or eliminate opposing Thugs. Defeat other players by beating opposing Characters in combat or reducing their Reputation Points to zero.

Each game set (Cell Block) includes four seperate character decks. Each character deck includes 72 card stock playing cards, 1 sheet of Bitch tokens, 1 sheet of Money tokens and 1 Character Card. Game box also includes game rules and 1 six sided die.

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