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Overlords: Fantasy Battlescape Wargame
Overlords: fantasy Battlescape 2 Player Wargame
Game System
Overlords: Fantasy Battlescape Wargame:

Type:   Board Game
By:       Guild of Blades Publishing

Item Code   GUI0550-1
Item Status: In-Print
In Stock:   11

MSRP:  $9.95

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Our Price : $9.95  
The Overlords 2-Player Box Set is a great way to get familiar with the Overlords Board Gaming exp- erience for only $9.95. Combine the 2 player game board with the Deluxe game board for an even larger game.

Game Comes With:

11" x 17" Full Color Map
63 Plastic Playing Tokens
63 Playing Token Stickers
10 Overlords Cards
5 Terrian Battlescapes
1D4, 1D6, 1D8 & 1D10

Buy "Overlords: fantasy Battlescape 2 Player Wargame"  For Only  $9.95

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