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Heroes Forever 1st Edition - D12
Heroes Forever Detroit City Sourcebook
Game System
Heroes Forever 1st Edition - D12:

Type:   Role Playing
By:       Guild of Blades Publishing

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The city of Detroit is in trouble. The people are under attack from Canada on a daily basis, but they donít seem to care because they are under the sway of Hoi. Hoi is a mad magician who has the Mayor as his personal zombie and Detroiters as his banks. Most of the people do whatever Hoi and the city says. However there are a few out there who can resist and fight back. The ones that can resist are not generally heroes, rather villains. The Purple Gang run what the city doesnít. They not only fight the city but the occasional gang that wants in on their action and defend their turf against Canadian invasion. Outside the city limits is a different story; they have to stop invasions from the City itself.

Hoi gains more wealth and control by having more people under his juristiction. Therefore the Cty of Detroit is actively trying to swallow up the suburbs, both physically and legally. But the surburbs are fighting back.

The Detroit City Book Includes:

1) Hoi the Magician and his followers.
2) The Purple Gang.
3) The Warren Warriors.
4) Details on semi regular invasions from Canada.
5) Details on the city of Winsor.
6) Detroit Destroyers villain group.
7) Details on Points of interest within Detroit.
8) New Character Kit: Hippy.
9) Hippy Magic.
10) New Character Kit: Border Guard.
11) New Character Kit: Gargoyle.
12) The Gargoyle Society.
13) New Character Kit: The Codex Warrior Kit.
14) The Order of the Codex.
15) New Character Kit: Raider.
16) New Character Kit: Dummy.
17) New Character Kit: Mime.
18) Super Hero Conquest & Base of Operations.
19) New Power: Mentalism.
20) New Power: Music Magic.
21) New Power: Panting Magic.

Written by Bruce P. Dowrie

86 Pages. 8.5" x 11", Perfect Bound

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