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Heroes Forever 1st Edition - D12
Heroes Forever Lords of Order Sourcebook
Game System
Heroes Forever 1st Edition - D12:

Type:   Role Playing
By:       Guild of Blades Publishing

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The Lords of Order cannot normally enter this dimension: the Lords are prevented from entering this dimension by a barrier placed there by Mosses in his secret war against both the Lords of Chaos and Order. However, the Lords of Order and Chaos may still effect change on the Earth. While the physical being that is the Lord of Order cannot enter the Heroes Forever dimension, they can still act through their magical helmets. The Lords of Order are anchored to another dimension and the helmets are the only way they can travel outside that dimension. When a person puts on one of these helmets the Lord takes over that personís body. This person is called a vassal, the vassal and the Lord come to know each other very well as the Lord is able to know what the vassal knows, however, the vassal doesnít know what the Lord knows. The vassals are the eyes and ears of the Lords on Earth.

There are 24 Lords of Order, no more, no less. When one Lord goes insane or is killed the remaining Lords get together and choose a vassal to replace that Lord among their rank. Ths book contains a complete list of the 24 Lords of Order and their vassals.

Also Included Are:

Lords of Order Vassal Kit
Auxiliator Kit

Written by Bruce P. Dowrie

64 Pages. 8.5" x 11", Perfect Bound

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